Your Goals vs Sleep

Your Goals vs Sleep

Your Goals vs Sleep

A few days ago, I stayed up late to finish my 5 Ways to Practice Self-Care Guide.  It’s a one page guide with five ways and affirmations that are designed to help people practice self-care.  We must never apologize for putting ourselves first.  I started this guide a few weeks ago but with finishing upMonday my Masters, I was putting it off.  Last week, I made a commitment to myself to finish it and I knew that goal was more important than sleep.  I am not a fan of a lot of sleepless nights. Our body does need rest. However, sometimes the goal is worth more than sleep.  I stayed up late to finish something special. This is not the only time I have chosen my goal over sleep.  If you are constantly procrastinating on accomplishing your goals, you have to make a choice.  That goal has to be more important than sleep.  That goal has to be more important than going to Happy Hour with your best girlfriends.  That goal has to be more important than catching up with an old friend.  I am not saying that you should miss those moments.  I am saying if you want to truly see movement in your life, in your goals, you have to make a decision to choose it at all costs.  You cannot be in a constant cycle of blaming others for not reaching your goal.  Once the goal is complete, you can resume your normal sleep and happy hour patterns 🙂  

What goals are you putting off?  Which goals do you find yourself constantly making excuse after excuse, after excuse.  Sometimes the goal has to be more important than sleep or whatever you tend to spend the most time doing.  This is a great week to truly assess all of the goals you set at the beginning of the year.  What is stopping you from finishing that goal that should have been completed two months ago?  Is it you?  If it is you, get out of your own way.  No more making excuses.  The goal is more important than sleep.  


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