The World is Your Ocean

The World is Your Ocean

A few weeks ago, I took an unexpected trip to the beach with a good friend of mine.  When we first arrived, we took lots of pictures and then I told myself to unplug and enjoy the scenery.  Sometimes I need a mini-break from social media.  Quiet times allow me to gather my feelings and sort out my thoughts.  Sometimes we can spend so much time in our phones that we miss out on experiences.  As I looked out at the water, something came to me:  “The world is your ocean.  Rather you decide to swim or tread water, play in the ocean.”  How do you do that?  What do I mean?  Especially being that I cannot actually swim (lol)!  The world is my ocean.  The world is YOUR ocean.  Here are my three ways I encourage myself to play:

  1. Don’t be afraid to swim.

    This is coming from a person who cannot actually swim.  Metaphorically speaking, we must not be afraid to spread our wings and explore the ocean.  We must not fear the very things we desire.  We must not be afraid to step outside of our comfort zone.

  2. Tread water until you’re comfortable.

    I took a swimming class a few years ago and one thing I semi-learned was to tread water.  Sometimes you are simply tired or at a roadblock.  When you’re in the ocean, you either have to keep swimming or tread water to stay afloat.  Instead of returning back to the shore and quitting on your goals, tread water.  Think of your next move.  Think of how you can improve your life and your plan towards your goal.  Even in stagnant moments, we can begin planning our next move.  Tread water, learn and grow, while you get comfortable for the full out swim towards your goal.

  3. Be sure to enjoy the view.  

    Take a moment and truly bask in your accomplishments.  Sometimes we are so focused on what we need to get done that we do not celebrate our accomplishments.  Enjoy the view of the ocean, even if it is for the shore.  Life is not promised so be sure to bask in today.  Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift.  Be sure to enjoy the view.  Be sure to enjoy those moments with family and friends.  It’s perfectly okay to make time for fun in between your hours of grinding.  Enjoy life.  Enjoy today.

How can you play in the ocean?  Are you enjoying the view?


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