Overnight Success Stories Aren’t Always Overnight

Overnight Success Stories Aren’t Always Overnight

The Importance of Taking Time…

It seems like every time I take a flight, I get a blog idea.  I think it is safe to say that flights are my “blog motivation,” especially the turbulent “I should have just drove” ones.  I bought a last minute flight to go home for Thanksgiving last year.  Our flight was delayed but we had already boarded.  The flight attendant and pilot were not exactly communicating the reasons why we had not taken off yet.  We eventually found out that there were too many infants (lap babies) on the flight.  Really.  I honestly did not even know that FAA limited the number of lap children or that for some planes, only one side has oxygen masks for lap children.  I’m telling you this story to set up why it made me think of the importance of “taking time.”

When we were cleared for takeoff, the pilot promised to make up for the lost time and to get us there still on time.  In my mind and to the lady sitting next to me, we both were like don’t rush this plane on our accounts.  Take your time.  Needless to say, I can tell that pilot “rushed” our flight home.  That little plane was going faster than it probably should have.  We had one of those dips mid-air and it was very turbulent during certain patches.  I truly believe that sometimes we are in a rush to get where we want to go.  We see “overnight successes” that were not exactly overnight.  We rush.  We have natural life setbacks.  We don’t take the time to take the time.  Everything is a process.  Do not beat yourself up because it is not happening as fast you would like.  Just don’t stop.  Don’t stop working.  Don’t stop grinding as they say.  Take time to take the time to accomplish your goals.  With only a few weeks left in the year, whatever that goal you set for this year, do not give up.  Do not simply ignore it until the next year.  We can finish the year strong.  It takes time to cultivate success, whatever you define as success.  Take the time to take the time.

How can you take the time to take the time this week?  Comment below.

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