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3 Ways I Choose Happiness

3 Ways I Choose Happiness

3 Ways You Can Choose Happiness

If you follow my blog, you know that my 30th birthday was not too long ago.  I had such an amazing birthday.  It seems like right after my birthday, things that could go wrong went wrong.  Or as I call it, life happened.  Life will happen.  You know those moments when you’re driving and you hit an unexpected pot hole?  You tried to dodge it but it was just too late.  Maybe you did not even see it coming?  After my birthday, my car decided to pull a Kanye West/Taylor Swift moment on me.  My car basically said “I’m going to let you finish celebrating your birthday, but you will give me attention.”  I have had my car for nearly six years.  I purchased her brand new after a meet and greet with a few trees back in 2010 (fancy phrase for “car accident”).  About a day after my birthday, my car battery decided to die.  She gave up on us.  After six years, she decided she was done.  A few days before that, my headlights decided to end their lifecycle as well.  I went to a mechanical shop and they said it must be electrical since it would not come on after switching the lights.   All and all, after getting my headlights fixed at the dealership, it cost me $258.  The new car battery cost me an additional $159.  I could have used these situations to be “woe is me,” but I chose happiness instead. I chose to be grateful that my car did not start up while in my driveway instead of out on the road late at night.  The cop who pulled me over for my headlight gave me a warning instead of a ticket.  My amazing circle of friends had given me just enough money for my birthday to cover the unexpected costs.  Do I wish I could have done something else with that money?  Of course!  However, I choose to extract positive in every situation even when it really isn’t the best scenario.  Here is how I choose happiness and how you can too:

1. Don’t Kick Yourself Too…

When the world is kicking you, do not join the world in kicking yourself too.  Speak positivity into your situation.  I know this is not easy.  Frankly, it may seem impossible.  However, there is power in our words.  There is power in positive thinking.  You can’t beat yourself up too just because the world is giving you a good old-fashion kicking.  Life will hit us in ways we could never imagine.  We must chose to be your own confidant, our own encouragement.  We must not kick ourselves too.

2. Remove negativity…

I recall a scripture that says we must guard our heart.  Just as we must guard our heart, we must guard our mental space.  We must extractContinue Reading!