Stop Being Afraid

Stop Being Afraid

Stop Being Afraid…

No matter how many goals we set or how many tools are put in front of us, it will not mean a thing until we change our mental mindset.  Are you still mentally ready to accomplish those goals?  Have you made progress?  Stop being afraid of what could go wrong.  Stop being afraid of what others may think.  This is not the year of fear!

While shopping the other day, I thought about the typical New Year weight loss goal.  Of course I set one too.  Honestly, no matter what tool or program you utilize, you must be disciplined.  You must mentally be ready to do what it takes to lose the weight and even more committed to maintain the weight loss.  If your mental is not right, it will just be a continuos cycle of trying to achieve the very same goal.  I often have to check my mental, my mindset. I have to be mentally ready for the challenges and mentally ready for the victory.  What am I afraid of?  Success?  Do you actually believe you can accomplish that goal?  Are you ready for that moment when you’re gifted exactly what you’ve always been wanting?  There is nothing like getting invited to the hottest party in town with nothing to wear.  You must always have an outfit ready for the big event you’ve been desperately waiting for an invite to attend.  Are you self-sabatoging?  Are you holding yourself accountable for the goals you set?  Here are three ways I check myself mentally to ensure I stay on task:

  1. Accept that everyone won’t like what you’re doing

    No one can accomplish what you desire except you.  Stop fighting against yourself. How many times do we assume what we think others will say.  We spend countless minutes, even hours, wondering how this person will respond or react when they find out we are embarking on a new journey or a new goal.  When we finally tell them, they do not even react the way we thought they would!  We wasted precious mental energy wondering what they would say and how they would find a way to discourage us.  If you did share your dream with someone and they dismissed your goal, do not take it personal.  Some people are coming from a place of love and realism.  However, if that goal is possible and you can work towards it, you keep going.  Strategize.  Everyone will not be your cheerleader and that is okay.  You also have to learn that every “negative” comment is not coming from a place of hate.  Learn to decipher through constructive criticism and negativity.  Most people who give constructive criticism will present other alternatives to reaching your very goal. 

  2. Stop fighting yourself…

    Yes, stop fighting your own success.  I know I’m not the only former self-sabatoger.  When things are not going right, we have a tendency to beat ourselves up for every little mistake we make.  Guess what, mistakes happen.  Guess what, we will not always get it right.  Give yourself permission to make mistakes.  Each day amongst the land of the living is another chance to go 100% towards our goals.  Don’t quit on you.  When the world is beating you, don’t join in on the fight.  Stop fighting the very thing you desire.  I know it may not be packaged the way you expect it to be packaged.  You may have to fight a little harder than the next person.  Sometimes the best gifts come in the least expected packages.  Step out of your comfort zone.  Do things that make you uncomfortable.  Take risks.  Stop fighting your own success.

  3. Stop being afraid…

    I know that fear has a way of creeping up in our minds.  It lays dormant and then seems to rear its ugly head when we need it least.  You have to push through.  Push through the fear.  I promise if you continuously push through fear, with each risk you take, you will feel less fear.  Eventually, you’ll be like fear who?!  Do not be afraid to do something that scares you.  Yes, even I am afraid of doing things sometimes.  I can talk myself out of an opportunity with a quickness.  However, I tell myself to push through.  You got this.  Fear is just a feeling.  Success feels even better.

Let’s keep the momentum going.  Don’t give up on your goals.  If you need to reassess, reassess and keep going.  You got this!  Don’t be afraid of what you can accomplish!!

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