The Power of Words….The Time I Walked Away from My Dream Job

The Power of Words….The Time I Walked Away from My Dream Job

The Power of Our Words…

“We can manifest our dreams if we believe in the power of our words.” – Monica L. Taylor

I was speaking with one of my friend a few days ago and he suggested a blog post topic.  He thought I should write a blog about people who are in their ideal job but the circumstances are not so great.  The job is exactly what you desired but the physical location is not ideal.  You are challenged, intellectually stimulated, but the commute to work is unbearable. The manager may not be as flexible as you once remember.  It is your dream job, but why does it sometimes feel like a nightmare?  If you truly believe in the power of your words, it is exactly what you spoke.  I have a personal story about the time I walked away from my dream job.  I learned to love where I was in that moment, and it made me embrace my next move even more.

See, you wanted that dream of being a Registered Nurse.   It came true.  Your words spoke your desires into fruition.  You love your patients.  You love helping others, but at this particular hospital, you have not slept in days.  You are tired.  You are exhausted.  I want you to continually speak positivity into your situation.  I was once there.  A few years ago, I dreamed of a job where I made the perfect salary and did what I love.  I received the offer that was exactly the salary I desire.  I accepted the position without delay.  I knew this was where I was suppose to be.  Was I nervous? Of course.  Was I ready for a change? I thought it was time.  

As time passed, I realized the things I left by switching jobs.  I was once able to telework, work from home, two days a week.  I could no longer telework.  After a year, I walked away from that job.   I walked away from the very thing I thought I wanted.  It challenged me.   It grew me.  It was the most wonderful experience, but with every potential career goal being fulfilled, I knew I was not happy.  It was not the job.   I have always been fortunate to truly love what I do.  I found a great career at an early age.  It was the long hours, the long commute.  I would leave home before 6am to only return around 7pm.  This was not sustainable.   I wanted to be that great manager.  I’m writing this to say, it is perfectly okay if your goals shift.  It is perfectly okay to make a selfish decision that is the best for you.

I ended up leaving that job for more pay and greater flexibility.  I now work at home three days a week and it seems as if the timing was perfect.  A woman once told me you are exactly where you are suppose to be in this minute.  Even if you are stressed out, exhausted, find the power in you words.  You are exactly where you are suppose to be. You know what? Even with those words, it does not mean you are suppose to be in that place forever.  You must learn, grow, and take the good with the bad.  You must strategically align your career and personal goals. I know how easy it is to compare your life with others, especially those who you are merely peeking through a window. You see the nice car.   You know they are at the top of their company.  What you may not see is the inability to attend every soccer game, every basketball game.  You are able to go to your children’s activities or able to simply go home and visit your family for the holidays.  Power is in our words. 

I believe there is a unique greatness inside of us all. We must not doubt our greatness. We must believe. Uncertainty is a part of life but we must push through uncertainty, push through fear, and do the very thing that scares us to get to the place we need to be.  That year grew me professionally in ways I’d never imagine. I am stronger in my field because of that job.  I am able to visit my father who happens to be dealing with kidney disease.  I am able to travel and visit friends at my leisure. I am able to run my coaching business while fulfilling my goal of obtaining my masters.  Am I comparing my walk to my neighbors? To my friends? At one point, yes, I did. However, it is my life to live. It is your life to live. Speak power into whatever situation you are dealing with. Speak positivity. Speak growth. As you grow, strategically plan your exit into the next best situation for you. It will not be easy but it is worth it.  You must speak positivity into all situations.  I wrote a guide where I shared my 5 daily affirmations to truly get out of my own way.  You have to speak positivity even in not-so-good situations.  It is often temporary however encouragement can help you cope.  Download my free guide—5 Strategies to Get Rid of Self Doubt.  


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