What’s My Story?

Monica L. Taylor- “Self-Empowerment Specialist”

I became a Certified Life Coach and Speaker to motivate others through sharing of my story.  Rarely without a smile, I make a daily choice to be thankful for not just the big things but the little things in life as well.  Diagnosed with Type II diabetes at the age of 13, I know what it is like to struggle with something that may not seem evident to the naked eye.  There were years where I would inject myself with insulin five times a day.  I have had my personal health struggles related to my diabetes and life’s ups and downs.  My goal is to use my story, my struggles and my wins, to inspire.  Our journey should be a continuous discovery of the greatness inside of us all.  I am well accomplished in my career but each accomplishment was obtained through hard work and dedication.  I graduated from South Carolina State University in three years with a degree in Business Management.  I completed my Masters in Public Administration at Villanova University.  As a Senior Specialist, I rose up the ranks in my career rather quickly for my age.  Closing on my first brand new home at the age of 26, I did not reach this level of success by chance.  I strategically made choices that aligned with my career goals.  

Life will have its ups and downs.  How we navigate through those ups and downs is a true testament. I would love to interact with you.  If you have been considering a Life Coach, let’s partner together to remove internal and external roadblocks and discover that unique greatness already within you.   Let’s define what success means to you.

Why me?  I know exactly what it is like to stand in your own way.  I know what it is like to doubt yourself before you even try.  I had to personally get out of my own way to live the life I desired.  I am truly living the life I desire.  Is it perfect? Of course not. However, I have a career I truly enjoy that affords me the flexibility to coach in my personal time.  I personally motivate my clients through my 6 Steps to Get Out of Your Own Way.  I would love to become your Life Coach or speak at your next event.  Click here to book your introductory coaching session today.

I hope you stay a while and read through some of my motivational blog posts.  You’ll get a chance to get to know me a little more through my various topics.  Feel free to send me an email!! I would love to hear from you.


“The Self-Empowerment Specialist”

Monica L. Taylor Speaker Sheet


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What are my Values?

  • I believe that greatness is inside each of us.                                                                                                                   Monica L. Taylor Life Coach, iamWYS
  • I believe that we must actively discover our unique greatness each day.
  • I believe that life is our best teacher.
  • I believe in self-care.
  • I believe in transparency.
  • I believe in empowerment.
  • I believe that we each have a story that is unique to our life path.
  • I support women and men who desire to find their purpose.
  • I support women and men Who desire to define their vision.
  • I support women and men who Yearn for something greater in life.
  • I support growth. I Support changes.
  • I support self-love through the imperfections.
  • I believe that every individual can live the life they desire!