3 Reasons You Should Love Monday!

3 Reasons You Should Love Monday!

Every Monday, I see the various memes and posts about it being Monday again.  Some are excited for the new week and some long for the weekend to rear its head again.  It is one of those love/hate relationships.  Here are 3 reasons you should begin to fall in love with Monday:

  1. It’s the start of a new week! – A new week is an opportunity to embark on something new or continue what you were doing great the week before.  If you dread Monday, you should begin seeking those things that truly make you happy.  Find ways to love what you do (during the week).  If you do not love your career, take steps to find a career you enjoy.  I know this is not an overnight fix, but you have to remain positive.  You are in control of your life.  There are plenty people who wish they could have seen another Monday.  It’s a new week.  Take advantage of the new week!  Make the previous week jealous!
  2. It’s a chance to practice gratefulness! – Honestly, each day we are given is a chance to practice gratefulness.  However, if you struggle through every Monday, you have to begin finding small things to be grateful for.  Be grateful that the girl/guy at Starbucks spelled your name right on the cup.  Be grateful you have a job to go to.  Be grateful that you actually were able to see a new week.  Be grateful for a new week, clean slate to tackle those goals once again.  Find joy in the small things.  Find joy, seek positivity.  Once again, I know this is no overnight fix.  However, complaining about how terrible Monday is does not actually make Monday go by any faster.  You might as well make it great!
  3. It means the weekend will come again!– Yes, the weekend will reappear.  It is around the corner.  Make Monday your day of setting new goals, embarking on something new, or choosing to do something that will make you uncomfortable that week.  Step outside of your comfort zone and become comfortable with Monday.  I don’t think they will be making any changes to the calendar layout anytime soon.  You may as well enjoy it!  Embrace it!  Pursue it and pursue your passions.

Let’s show Monday some love!!


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