Don’t Let Fear Stop You!

Don’t Let Fear Stop You!

While reading a personal blog post of one of my favorite bloggers (, I immediately shed a few tears. It reminded me of why I created WYS and why I must follow through with its purpose, my purpose. We operate each day, in our busy lives, not often thinking to really “check” on one another. To really look behind the mask of the very ones we love and the ones we barely know. I am an observer. I observe and absorb behaviors.
i am ME I think it is because there was a time I wished someone noticed I was hurting behind my pearly crest whitestrips smile. I know I’m not the only one who uses jokes as a coping mechanism. I use to always say I smile to keep from crying. I take on the pain of others while trying to balance my own life. I absorb the issues of others, friends, family, and associates. It was sometimes at the cost to my own sanity. I wanted to fix everyone. I’m in such a better place but do know that I was afraid at one point.

Afraid to live in my truth, afraid to make decisions that were solely mines, afraid that the same thing would happen to me that I witnessed happen to others…afraid to just live. I like to calculate each move, and if it does not pan out the way I expected it to, I consider throwing in the towel. I found myself calculating self-sabatoge. It is in those very moments, I constantly remind myself to Get Out of My Own Way. I’m writing this post to say, its perfectly okay to be afraid but we must operate against that very fear. We must keep going pushing through it. As we move forward, we dispel every ounce of fear…At some point, you will realize that fear was just that fear…it was not a roadblock unless you decided to make it one. Do not let fear or anyone stop you. Most importantly do not let YOU stop YOU. YOU can do anything you set your mind/heart out to accomplish. It may not be accomplished overnight or on the first, second, or even third try. Keep going but assess what you can do differently. Believe in yourself. Dust off and keep running. You’ll have a wonderful story to tell one day…Live, love, and laugh hard. Do not be afraid of this life…it is the only one we get… iamWYS

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Monica L. Taylor is a Certified Professional Life Coach and Motivational Speaker. Monica inspires individuals to get out of their own way and live the life they desire. If you are stuck or need help defining your vision your life, contact Monica for a complimentary coaching session.

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