Finding Peace in 2017…

Finding Peace in 2017…

Finding Peace

New Year, New You right?  Evident by all of the Facebook and social media posts, 2017 is right around the corner.  Some of my friends have had an amazing 2016 and others cannot wait for it to be over.  As I read the various statuses, my heart aches for those who seem to just can’t find their way.  My heart aches for those who seem to be tested at every turn in their life.  Sometimes there is simply no answer as to why we are selected to face such difficulty, such a test in our life.  I mean what did we do so bad to get that particular issue?  Was he out of other people to bother?  Karma just can’t be thaaaat long.  I want you to know the importance of finding PEACE.  A few years ago, I decided that no matter what I faced I was going to speak and pray myself out of it.  I am the most overly positive person I know.  I even wonder about me sometimes lol.  Honestly, if you want 2017 to be your year of change, start changing your thinking now, in 2016.  I don’t know what you’ve been through but I know that it was not easy.  However, in some twisted dark fantasy way, you have to turn a negative into a positive, even if only fragment can become positive tools of growth.  I have this saying, “you are exactly where you are suppose to be right now, however, that does not mean you’ll be there forever.”  2016 was a trying year for me but for some reason I cannot even find it in myself to complain.  I am so thankful for everything I discovered.  I no longer feel guilty for choosing me first.  I’m so thankful for the friendships that grew but also thankful for those that may have been shortened.  Would I have preferred some things not happen?  Of course.  However, sometimes we just are not in control of everything that happens to us.  We have to take control of the things we can but most importantly take control of our reactions.  Life is a roller coaster.  We have to make sure our dips are not too deep.  No one wants to just stay in one part of the of the roller coaster for days.  You want the ride to be over and crazily some of you will go get on another roller coaster after just finishing one, literally.  (Can you tell I’m not a big fan of rollercoasters?)  My point is, life happens.  Sometimes you simply have to say life happens and muster up everything in you to smile.  Pull yourself out of that rut.  Here’s my way of approaching each year to avoid the New Year, Same Me story:  

Change Your Thoughts

Oh this one is not easy but I promise you it is worth it.  Earlier this year, I went to South Carolina nearly How to love youevery month or at least every other month.  My dad was sick and he is still recovering.  I watched my father have two toes amputated the year before and his wounds just were not healing.  I literally drove him to his doctor’s appointments and to an appointment daily where he spent about 4 hours in an oxygen chamber.  It was so hard watching my dad and the doctors find one thing after another.  However, I did not stay in my woe is me for too long.  I mean of course I cried.  My own health was suffering and I knew I had to find a way to remove as many stressful situations and people out of my life to focus on me while being there for my family.  Honestly, sometimes you have to just be there for you.  You have to create the most positive environment you can.  You have to think differently.  If all you did was complain in 2016, that complaining bug won’t magically disappear in 2017.  You have to turn those complaints into thankfulness.  How the heck do you thank the world for a messed-up situation?  It won’t happen overnight but you have to believe that this world is giving you some story that’s going to empower you while empowering others around you and even strangers.  The strength of some of my friends is unbreakable.  I witness how you’ve managed to hold it all together while the world is falling apart.  Some of you are secretly letting your world fall apart while appearing to hold it all together to the public.  I’m not saying broadcast to everyone how you’re feeling but please reach out and be honest with your closest friends.  Do not suffer in silence.  Do not get pulled into a place of constant negativity.  Seek help professionally if need be.  Just make sure you get the help you need to find your idea of positive thoughts.   There is no one-size fits all positive thinking however a simple change in thoughts can go a long way.  Speak positive, be positive, find positive.  Shift your mindset.  Change your thinking now in preparation for a better 2017.

Find Peace…Create it if you have too

If you’ve watched any of my motivational videos, I tend to speak about peace a lot.  Frankly, closure is not always gifted to us.  Sometimes we will not find closure.  Sometimes we won’t understand why the heck that mess happened to us.  Why we weren’t selected for that job.  Why we seem to make three steps forward only to be pushed back one.  Find peace.  Create it if you have too!  I know that everything I’ve been through is to be a testament to my circle and strangers alike.  I was gifted this diabetes at the age of 13.  I have battled with it like a “insert some playstation game that everyone knows” lol.  It has been hard.  I’ve done damage to my body because of the up and down blood sugar readings.  Find peace.  Create Peace.  You may not understand why but sometimes we have to accept the things we cannot change and do our best to create an environment where we are at peace with whatever happens but we are fighting our hardest for the best outcome.  We have to find peace when we don’t understand why that friendship or relationship ended.  We have to create peace when we just don’t understand why that happened to our loved one.  It is not easy.  When I tell you I have approached almost four to five years with this thinking, it is a process.  Heck, I’m still working on me but I know that being transparent is part of my purpose.  I know my purpose is helping others while I help myself.  I have to share my growth, my journey to peace.  You can find it. However, don’t beat yourself up if it doesn’t happen overnight.  Keep telling yourself that 2016 may not have been the best year but I witnessed it.  I made it.  I fought whatever it was and I’m going to keep fighting this thing and it won’t break me.  It might bend me but I’m not broken.  If you are broken, find peace and create a way to put yourself together again.  You have to realize that some were not even gifted the opportunity to see 2016. You were.  Create a way, find a way to journey towards the new you, the new-and-improved take life as it comes you.  Find peace, create peace.

There won’t always be an answer…

This may be the hardest.  I get so many stories of people going through things or been through things.  It always amazes me when people tell me their background and I’d never in a million years think they grew up in such an environment or they went through a particular situation.  Most of the time I’m like man they are the sweetest person ever and they went through all that?!?  They still manage to smile through it all.  Sometimes there will not be an answer.  Sometimes, life will just happen.  Sometimes you have to stop searching for answers and just find peace.  Some of you are stressing yourself out, spinning in circles as to why this happened.  There isn’t always an answer but sometimes the most difficult situation is given because you have the strength to handle it.  That’s twisted right? However, not everyone could go through what you’ve been through and still look as good as you.  You’re not defeated.  You’re not through.  You keep fighting.  You make those changes in 2017.  You grab life by the horns and you go get everything you desire in this life.  

The new year will not mean a thing if you do not change our thinking.  Find an outlet.  Practice self-care.  Do something that scares you.  Do something you wouldn’t ordinarily do.  Forgive someone who you’d never in a million years thought you’d forgive.  Forgive them for your own peace and closure.  Find peace in 2017 and continually find it the years to come.  We will always be continually improving ourselves.  Practice loving you just as hard as you love others.  I wish you peace in 2017.  I wish you love in 2017.  I wish you changed thoughts in 2017.  I wish you everything you desire in the new year and all the years to come.  



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