Monica’s Corner…

Monica’s Corner…

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Dear Monica: I was so hesitant about this and really had to work up the nerve.  I work in the Ask a Life Coach
insurance field and there is not a lot of room for growth where I reside.  I’m comfortable here, our house is paid for and we are comfortable, however, both my husband and I are getting bored with our jobs because there isn’t a lot of room for growth or opportunities. We are considering moving, there is a lot of opportunity in both our fields.  He’s ready to leave, but I’m terrified (mostly because we will be paying rent again after 10 years).  I know what the answer should be, but I think it would help hearing it from someone that is successful and took that jump. – A

Dear A:  First, I want to thank you for working up the nerve to write in your question.  You’re already taking the first step at getting uncomfortable.  Fear and hesitation are normal emotions that we must acknowledge.  Even though we acknowledge them, this does not mean that we succumb or give into them.  Here’s what I want you to do:  Take a sheet of paper and draw a line down the middle.  I want you to write the pros and cons of staying where you are now versus moving for potential opportunity.  Which list is longer?!?  Sometimes, even if one list is longer or shorter than the other, some pros have a heavier weight than the cons.  Can you and your husband secure a position with growth opportunity prior to the move?  I know several companies who have assisted their employees in transitioning to a new job in a new area.  Can you remain with the same company and transfer to the new area?  Once you get to the area, you can both establish realistic timeframes of finding even more opportunities!  Now, in regards to the rent, I know the feeling.  I remember when I first moved to the Washington DC area, I had a roommate.  After a year, my roommate decided it would be best for her to move in with some relatives to save money.  I still hold this against her till this day.  Just kidding 🙂  Honestly, I panicked.  How was I going to find an apartment just as good for about the same price in this high DC area rent market.  I established a budget and what I was willing to pay.  Yes, I had to pay about $300 more than what I was accustomed too.  Your husband seems onboard with the possible move so I would sit down with him and research the rental rates in the area and establish a budget that makes you both comfortable.  With new opportunity comes more money!  Who knows, you may love the area and end up purchasing a house there too!  Have you considered renting out your current home?  If so, you can use some of that money towards your rental in the new location.  Ultimately, sometimes change is uncomfortable.  Change is not always easy.  As I always say, sometimes you have to simply do it in fear.  Sometimes you have to take that jump in uncertainty.  If you’re tired of watching the same rerun on the tv, you have to get up, get the remote and change the channel.  You can do this.  You just have to silence that little fear bug and create a realistic plan that both you and your husband can agree on.  You and he are more than capable of accomplishing what you all desire.  Set a realistic timeframe, budget, and save for the move.  Save an amount that you and your husband feel comfortable in the event you move before one of you has a new job.  I think that you know the answer.  You just have to convince yourself.  What’s stopping you?  Is it a legitimate fear or are you standing in your own way.  As I always say, get out of your own way and live the life you desire.  It’s your canvas, paint it 🙂  Thanks for writing in!!


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