Dear Fat People- My Response

I’ll probably make a YouTube video on this topic, but I wanted to take a moment to respond via this blog post. A fellow YouTuber made a video entitled “Dear Fat People.” It was basically a 6-minute rant on fat-shaming. Filled with a number of assumptions, the video did nothing to help those who find themselves obese. Yes, there are some who are completely lazy. Let’s be honest, size does not dictate your level of laziness nor health. I’m not upset nor angry at her lack of tactfulness. It is called free speech for a reason. I understand it was suppose to be “comedy.” It was only a “joke.” However, there are many people who suffer with body image.

How can you help? What message does this send to young teens and adults suffering in silence. What are you doing to truly understand what emotions triggered the eating habit. Often, weight is just an outward reflection of what may be tearing apart on the inside. Did you take the time to find out their story?

I’m “obese” according to the chart. However, I know plenty people like me who can run. I’m pretty sure I don’t move like a zombie. Maybe she just wanted ratings. This was all a part of the plan. Controversy gets clicks. However, after the clicks are gone and this story fades to the background, who will help those “fat” people. Did she ever stop to think that maybe we are perfectly okay with our sizes and don’t care to judge ourselves against a criteria that doesn’t consider genetics and other factors. Some are just embarking on their weight loss journey. Maybe there are some who are suffering in secret. Take the time to find out their story. I strongly dislike when people generalize a group of people. Who are we to judge? I’m sure there are plenty unhappy “perfect-body” individuals out there in this world. What’s your story?

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