Being Mary Jane- “How are You?” – “Ugly Truths”

Being Mary Jane- “How are You?” – “Ugly Truths”

On the latest episode of Being Mary Jane (BET), Mary Jane touched on a taboo subject- DEPRESSION. If you are not an avid watcher of Being Mary Jane, it airs on Tuesday nights on BET. Back to the story, Mary Jane’s close friend, Lisa, committed suicide. If you watched prior seasons, we know that Lisa has tried committing suicide before, and she was depressed. Beneath the well-accomplished woman was a depressed woman, carrying a dark past. To be honest, her friends knew. Her family knew…

They were aware. This is one of the reasons I like Being Mary Jane. The issues addressed in each episode mirror real-life situations. I think we sometimes assume “it is just a phase” or “my friend wouldn’t commit that ultimate act.” However, Mary Jane’s eulogy touched on so many topics. She was right. How often do we stop and truly ask our friends, our loved ones, how are you, really? Not just the “hey, how you doing?” We can become so consumed in our own lives that we often miss the warning signs or simply ignore them. Ultimately, we cannot create someone’s happiness, but we can guide them to professional help. I have not vlogged in a few weeks so I will make it a point to vlog on this latest episode topic soon. In the meantime, be sure to really ask your friends, your loved ones, how are you? I would even say take a moment to ask your coworkers the same. It is funny how sometimes we can reveal more to a stranger than a friend. That in itself is a problem. I think that’s why I loved when she said- “If you love someone, let them know you will continue loving them…no matter how ugly their truths are.” If you’re not comfortable telling a friend, please know there is nothing wrong with seeking professional help. You are worth it…Your life is worth living. A professional can give mechanisms to “choose happy.” It is a conscious effort to choose happy through the mess, through the difficult times.

What did you think of this latest episode? Do you think there are other taboo topics that we often try not to discuss on a public platform?

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