What’s the #5WeekChallenge?

This is not your ordinary coaching package!5 WEEK CHALLENGE

Take control of your life and join the #5WEEKCHALLENGE. This challenge is specifically designed for YOU to begin taking the necessary steps to define your vision, set goals, and embark on living the life YOU desire! While actively identifying internal and external roadblocks, you will make a plan to navigate through life’s ups and downs.  You must be willing to do the work each week! This challenge is intense but designed to get you unstuck in less time. As your coach, I personally embark on the journey to find or further define the unique greatness inside of you!  I am truly living the life I desire and I want to be a partner in your life journey.

So, what do you get?!?

One-on-One Weekly Coaching from me, Certified Professional Life Coach (35 minutes; 5 sessions) Interactive Weekly Exercises (5 Themed Workbooks!) Here’s the layout:

Week 1- Goal Setting & Getting out of Your Own Way!

Week 2- GROW week

Week 3- Vision Week

Week 4- Finding Balance Week

Week 5- Live!! 

Limited spots available. Secure your spot now!  You can purchase this package underneath the book now tab or click here to secure your spot right now!

Still unsure??  What do you desire?  My goal is to help CLIENTS reach their fullest potential. I want to personally witness you reach your fullest potential.  Fear can be paralyzing. What is stopping you from achieving those goals you established? Do you need an extra push? Do you sometimes feel stuck?  Do you know your vision?  Your purpose? Do you find yourself putting others before you care for yourself?  Are you neglecting you? Let me be your partner!  I have a proven 6 steps to get out of your own way and begin living the BEST version of you. More importantly, I had to get out of my way and actively live the very life I desire. I had to really dig deep and make decisions that sometimes scared me.  I made imperfectly perfect actions and pushed through fears and uncertainty.  Do not sit by the sidelines of your own life.  If you are tired of seeing others accomplish the very goal you set for yourself, I would love to work with you and help you create a vision for your life.  If you are accomplished but wondering what is next in your life.  Let me help you discover your UNIQUE greatness. The greatness is already within you. Let’s partner together to discover, grow, and nurture that greatness. Let us establish a realistic path towards your goal. No dream is too big! You are worth it! Invest in yourself.