5 Reasons Not to Compare Yourself to Others

5 Reasons Not to Compare Yourself to Others

Reasons Not to Compare Yourself to Others

Is it just me or is there a new social media platform every week?  I social-media-self-esteemlove the ability to glimpse into the lives of former friends and classmates without leaving the state.  However, there is often a side of social media that causes us to take what we have for granted.  When we constantly compare our lives to those on social media, we can lose focus.  I encourage myself, friends, and clients to step back and truly bask in their own path to success.  We often see the social media accounts of others and immediately begin comparing ourselves to their supposed “life.”  I know the feeling!  Sometimes we have to just hit that close button and truly bask in the greatness and path of our own life.  Define what success is to you, not to someone else.  Here are 5 reasons to not compare yourself to others on social media:

  1. It’s Not 100% Real->  When you find yourself critiquing yourself or overanalyzing your own progress, remember that you are only seeing a glimpse of his/her life.social-1206612_960_720  Honestly, social media is just an edited reel of our lives.  We have to be careful to not measure ourselves against the edited reel of a friend, acquaintance, or stranger.  Just like Instagram, people put filters on their status and their supposed success.  I am not saying that their success does not exist.  I am merely saying that people can be selective about what they put on social media.  Granted, some people have no filter (lol) but do not envy what you truly do not know even exists.  You are your competition.  You are wonderfully made.  Embrace your journey.  Embrace your path.
  2. You Never Know What It Takes to Maintain That Presence -> It is so easy to see the material things and begin comparing.  When you are in a constant stage of whining and complaining, you are only stunting your own growth.  You attract the energy you put out into the world.  You may not have a Range Rover like your acquaintance but your Honda Civic is running great and all paid for!  You may not have to work countless hours of overtime to afford your home.  Your route to success does not have to equate to your neighbor’s route to success.  There is room at the top for everyone.  That person you are envying may readily take your Honda Civic non-payment but cannot due to other external factors. Become so concerned about your own life that you do not even have time to constantly compare yourself to others.  Be authentically you.  Practice being genuinely happy for your counterparts.  However, remember to give yourself credit for your accomplishments. 
  3. You Do Not Know What It Took to Get “It”->   My brother and I use to have a saying- “They see your glory, but they don’t know your story.” You may see individuals who always seem to have great things going on.  They are traveling.  They have the best jobs.  You even wonder if they have a job (lol).  Do not think that they are not making sacrifices to achieve that level of success.  They put in the work. As Rick Ross said, you weren’t with them shooting in the gym! (lol)  Everyone does not want or even need to post their “struggle” or obstacles.  Frankly, you will not see me post on every nuances of life because I have friends who I choose to confide in.  I will not be socialfont-533232_1280 media’s entertainment.  Let’s go further, you may see the material things but that person may give it all up to spend one more day with their mother or father who tragically passed.  They would gladly return that life insurance money.  You may not want to go through what they had to go through to get that supposed success.  Embrace your own unique greatness.  Embrace your path.  You are special. You are worthy of your own success. 
  4. Social Media Followers Doesn’t Always Translate to Steady Income->  How many of us want to increase our followers?  Is it just me?  With the constant selling and promoting of teas and waist shapers, I think we all would love a check from social media.  I realize that not everyone is making consistent money on the “gram” and the “book.”  Likes do not always pay the bills.  Do not compare your offline success to someone’s edited online success.  “Numbers don’t lie.” Yes, this is true.  However, there are plenty people who are doing well outside of social media and will never post details of their success.   You do not need to compete with the Jones.  Embrace those who genuinely love and respect you for just being you.  If you are trying to grow your business, remain consistent.  Try not to get so caught up in other’s success that you forget to map out your own success.  There is plenty room on the success train.  
  5. CAUSE YOU ARE SIMPLY AMAZING!!-> I know it is easy to question if you are behind in the life game.  Please believe that you are wonderfully made and simply amazing.  It is okay to naturally desire the things we see flashed on social media (the wife, the husband, the white picket fence, the great job).  However, do not beat yourself up.  Use it as a tool of encouragement.  Most importantly, use it as a tool of showing gratitude.  Embrace your journey.  Encourage yourself.  You are amazing.  What is for you is truly for you.  No man or woman can take what God has for you.  You just have to put in the work…


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