3 Ways to Handle Life Like a Boss!

3 Ways to Handle Life Like a Boss!

During a recent episode of the Steve Harvey show, a young woman asked Steve how to deal with rude comments she received on a YouTube video. People made rude comments about her looking like a heavier version of Taylor Swift. The young woman admitted that at one point she suffered from an eating disorder. Steve Harvey’s response made me reflect on my life. Steve spoke on how social media gives negative people a place to have a voice. He encouraged the young woman that those voices did not create her and it has nothing to do with her future blessings. He referenced the Miss Universe situation and how he was called every name other than his given name at birth. He dropped a nugget:

“Behind every adversity there is a lesson and a blessing…”

All adversity carries a lesson and a blessing. I am guilty of once allowing the words of others to influence my decisions. I am in a place now where I can truly find joy and peace in the midst of chaos. I posted a video on my YouTube channel encouraging those who may be going through something and not even their closest friends are aware. There is a lesson in whatever adversity you are facing. Here are three ways to kick adversity and maintain your peace of mind:

  • DO NOT GIVE POWER TO THE WORDS OF INSIGNIFICANT PEOPLE– There will be people who will do everything in their power to deter you from accomplishing your goals. Hurt people hurt people. It can be someone you love or even a relative who plants seeds of negativity in your mind. You cannot let those words take root in your life. Your own mother or father may have said you would never amount to anything. Your ex may have said you would not find anyone better than him or her because of whatever issue that you have. You may have shared an intimate detail with a friend only for him or her to use it against you in an argument. Do not give power to these words. You reclaim your power.

  • FIND JOY IN CHAOS– If you have been in my presence, I am always smiling. It is rare that you see me without a smile. Honestly, even when I cry, I smile. Yes, sometimes I laugh and cry at the same time. I always believed that my smile may be the only smile a person sees all day. Plus, just because I am having a bad day does not give me the right to make your day reflect mines. I find joy in chaos. I find joy when the world is crumbling around me. Few people knew that my father had two toes amputated over the past few months. However, I kept my smile. I found joy in the midst of chaos. I had to find joy in a situation that I had no control over the outcome. I stayed encouraged. It is not easy but I work to find the positive in each situation. I always remind myself that this is only temporary and it could be worse.
  • FIND THE LESSON AND PREP FOR THE BLESSING– Life will have its ups and downs. It is how we navigate through those ups and downs that is a true testament of our lives. You have to find the lesson in unfortunate situations. If you are like me, I try to help everyone and sometimes at the cost of my sanity. I had to learn to be mindful of who I invite into my life. Learn from those moments of distress and plain stupid decisions. Learn from the things that were not even under your control. Times of distress are only preparing you for the blessing. You may have lost your job. However, if you did not lose that job, you may not have returned to school to pursue your true passion. You may not have appreciated this new job the way you do now. Find the lesson and prepare for the blessing.

Live and let go. There will be moments where we do not see the light at the end of the tunnel. You may be in a whirlwind of emotions as you are reading this post. Be encouraged. Stay positive. It is only temporary. Find the lesson and you will be prepared if it occurs again. You can conquer adversity if you find the lesson. Find joy in chaos and prepare for that blessing! Be sure to check out my YouTube video for more: -Monica L. Taylor, Life Coach & Motivational Speaker

Monica L. Taylor is a Certified Professional Life Coach & Motivational Speaker.  Monica inspires and motivates individuals to get out of their own way and live the life they desire.  Click here to book a complimentary (YES, FREE) introductory coaching session.

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