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Empower Your Career | Empower Your Business | Empower Your Life! 

I am Monica L. Taylor, a Certified Professional Life Coach and Motivational Speaker.  I am the Self-Empowerment Specialist.”  I help clients get out of their own way and live the life they desire!! I offer a variety of services that include:

  • One-on-One Coaching
  • Business Plan Coaching
  • Speaking Engagements & Breakout Sessions
  • Full Resume Services

My goal is to help you reach your personal and professional goals in LESS time!  Visit my Work with Me page for a complete listing of the services offered.  I am ready to partner with you and/or your organization on the journey of self-discovery and reaching your goals!  Read more about my story here.

Contact me now at monicataylor@iamwys.com or visit my Book Now page!

What is iamWYS?

WYS stands for What’s Your Story?  I am WYS.  I created iamWYS to empower individuals to LIVE the life they desire!  I am my story.  I choose to empower my story.  We all have a story.  It is that STORY that impacts our daily lives and decisions.  We all have something that we may not necessarily wear on our shoulders.  However, I truly believe there is a unique greatness inside of us all.

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What are clients saying?STRAT QUICK

“Thank you to my Life Coach…you are an inspiration…You showed me that there are going to be failures and upsets… But in this life I’m writing a story…of Triumph, success and greatness.” 

“Thank you so much for your help!! I really appreciate you taking the time out of your day to help me! The tips you gave me where really amazing. I’m going to continue to revise my resume make it look the best it can.”

“So many people will be saved because of your bravery. I have been motivated to share my story because of you.” 

“The introductory call far exceeded my expectations.  Monica helped me identify steps that I could immediately take to improve my situation.  I am glad to have chosen her as my life coach”